CEM Consultants (CEMCON)  is basically a Management Consultancy organization promoted to render  advisory services to business organizations.

CEM Consultants endeavor to render management consultancy services incorporating principles and practices of CEM concept, for achieving desired corporate goals within an accepted time and budget frame.


CEM Consultants'  approach to management consultancy is different than any other management consultancy organization. The difference lies in the application of its proprietary concept CEM evolved by its Founder, Babulal Yadav. CEMCON extends and shares the benefits of CEM concept with its patrons and customers. At present, CEMCON are the only authorized users of CEM concept worldwide.

In the CEM concept, Corporate Environment Management is recognized as the fifth management function supplementing the other four functions viz. Production, Marketing, Finance and Human Resource. Incorporating Corporate Environment makes management practice more holistic and realistic.

Under CEM concept, an organization is not treated as an isolated entity. But, it is considered operating within an ever active and dynamic environment. The environment  of an organization is as unique and individualistic as the nature of its operations. The organization and its environment continuously interact, influencing each other similar to the influence of planetary bodies on earth and its inhabitants.

CEM concept recognizes the importance of environmental influence on business and asserts that dealing with any management problem without it, is incomplete and inaccurate. CEMCON have developed necessary tools, techniques and skills to provide solutions to management problems integrated with CEM concept. The results, as explained above, are  certainly expected to be more sound and accurate.


CEM is a basic management function and the concept is universal. Hence, the scope of CEM consultancy services is very wide and encompass almost all areas of management. CEMCON services are focused broadly in the following two areas:

A. Introducing CEM  Practice in organizations

Business organizations desirous of adopting CEM, will be assisted to do so in the following manner:

Study of business environment; identification of environmental forces, assessing their nature and strengths; study the nature of environment-organization interaction; and suggest ways to manage an overall favorable influence on corporate goals.


Establish information systems for continuous monitoring of environment; analyzing the information and reporting important happenings to top management for an appropriate action.


Advising top management on reorganization of management set up so as to make room for CEM set-up and its smooth  overall functioning.


Selection of proper manpower required for CEM function.

B. Applying CEM concept in solving business problems

Steady business operations may not find CEM immediately very relevant as the environmental changes are minimal. However, business situations where either the organization initiating a new action like setting up a new project, launching a new business etc. or a variation taking place in any external force influencing the organization, necessitate CEM application.

CEMCON  assists business organizations in dealing with such situations. Typically, CEM finds applications in the following situations:

Launching business in a foreign nation
This is very typical to multinational firms setting up business in other countries.


Launching business into a new territory
In the same nation, a company wishes to extend business into new territories. This is more true to countries like India, having heterogeneous political systems and cultures varying from territory to territory.


Setting up new business
A new business of any kind, anywhere means creating a niche into the general business environment. Correct interaction will determine a smooth entry, survival and growth.


Setting up Greenfield plants and industries
New plants or industries which are particularly set-up on new locations, need intensive interaction with the environment. Effective interaction will facilitate smooth and timely completion of the project.

The above are a few examples of business situations where CEM concept and practices are highly desirable for effective management. CEMCON provide the cutting edge assistance for successful operations. 


With regard to the services in the second  category of CEM's business applications, as mentioned above,  CEMCON has, for the present, chosen the following specific areas for management consultancy services:

Promotion of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Projects - SEZs are generally massive projects requiring large scale operations. CEMCON  envisages to assist such projects in India in conceptualization,  development, implementation and marketing of their facilities.


Setting up large industrial Greenfield Projects - The services in this area will particularly include  project identification, development, site selection, land acquisition, statutory permissions, mobilizing infrastructure facilities and utilities, pollution control issues, site neighborhood management etc. The nature of project could be any. However, CEMCON's immediate interest could be  in the field of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Power, Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Refineries, Textiles etc.


Business Development and Marketing-These services are envisaged for the Internationals SEZs luring Indian investors, multinational companies planning entry in India, Non Resident Indians (NRIS) proposing investment in India, Indian states attracting investment into their industrial areas, companies planning entry into market with new products and services and the like.


Managing Business Reversals- Business downfalls particularly need CEMCON  services. These are the situations when negative influence of external forces is more pronounced. CEM concept provides the necessary tools and techniques to identify such adverse forces, analyze their behavior and provide strategies to counter and convert them for positive and favorable influence.


Corporate Communications-Building favorable corporate image for any organization is always beneficial. CEM principles are just ideal to do so.

The above list of CEMCON  services is only indicative. Need based services to organizations would always be welcome.


CEMCON draws its basic strength from the knowledge and expertise of its promoter, Babulal Yadav's long and rich professional management experience gained over 28 years. His areas of expertise are :

                                          1. Special Economic   Zone (SEZ)-Project Promotion



Experience in this area was gained while working for India’s first SEZ project viz. Positra SEZ in Gujarat as President and member of the core Project  team since inception in April 2000.  Positra Special Economic Zone. (SEZ)  envisaged an investment of Rs. 5700 crores (US $ 115 million) in the initial phase by 2005.  It planned to cover an area of about 255 sq kms All activities of this project became pioneering benchmark for development of the concept, policy formulation and promotion of such projects in India. 
Major contributions
that helped conceptualizing and formulating project parameters to provide a definite shape to the project.



Evolving package of State govt. incentives and concessions
·    Identified incentive proposals relating to land, water, power, investment etc from  the state Govt.



Evolving SEZ Policy:
The incentive proposals identified as mentioned above finally helped formulating SEZ policy by the state Govt. 



Labor Law Amendment Proposals
Identified changes and amendments needed in several Labor laws to make Indian SEZs attractive to investors.



Administrative Authority
Suggested Administrative Authority system required for efficient and hassle free management of SEZ.



Draft SEZ Act.
Prepared base draft of SEZ Act, for legal experts to work upon.



Preparation of some basic plans
·    Over all Organisation plan of management functions & responsibilities.
Organisation structure for Property Management group
Hospitality Management Plan
Draft Employee Manual
Business Plans for Software Technology Park, Garment Park, and Biotech Park etc.



Assisted preparation of Economic Cost-benefit analysis for the project



Rehabilitation & Resettlement
The project envisaged shifting of some villages.
Evolved basic plan, an R & R policy.
      and rehabilitation measures.



Project Infrastructure
Guided land acquisition process  for one of the largest project areas – 25500 Hect. (Approx 255 sq kms.)
Dealt with power related issues, and
project specific issues like tourism, prohibition, mineral mining, tax incentives etc.

                                         2. Greenfield Project Management



Associated with implementation of some of the mega projects  set up in Gujarat, like-
  -Soda Ash project of Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd. - Cost: Rs 400 Crores
  -Textile Complex of The Arvind Mills Ltd.- Cost: Rs. 1200 crores
  -Steel Complex of Essar Group - Cost: Rs. 3000 crores
  -Petroleum Refinery of Essar Oils - Cost: Rs.5000 crores
  -Petrochemicals Complex of Reliance Industries Ltd.-  Cost: Rs. 10,000 crores etc.
The experience gained in these projects ranged from site selection, land acquisition to environmental clearances, arrangements for power, water, building materials ;obtaining statutory permissions and concessions; coordination with local people, administration and politics

                                         3.Business Development and Marketing



Marketing for Soda Ash
 Planned and executed marketing of Soda ash in Gujarat for GHCL ; which involved Market survey, planning  competitive strategy, Identification and appointment of dealers and Marketing of product for 2 years with an annual turnover of about Rs. 40 crores.


Business Development



 Carried out industrial investment promotion for Gujarat through
 GIIC a state owned institution, lending term loans. It involved persuading prospective investors to setup industries in Gujarat and  facilitating  the process by  rendering  information, guidance, expediting govt. clearances etc. 

                                          4.Corporate Communications



  Headed the Corporate communications department department of GIIC for 4 years and brought the organisation to the forefront among financial institutions in India through effective communication in mass media, press relations, publication, participation in exhibitions etc; Also have been heading the Public Relations Society of India, Ahmedabad as Chairman for the past 6 years.

                                          5. Corporate Enviornment Management



As an integral part of the above mentioned activities, dealt extensively with the State administration, bureaucracy, politicians, media, important trade and professional bodies and public near all project locations and  related areas within Gujarat and outside. 

CEM Consultants is headed by Babulal Yadav, the Founder and Promoter. He has acquired M.Sc. in Physics in 1972 followed with Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in 1974 from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
Details of his 28 years work experience extending over management areas like SEZ promotion, Greenfield Project management, Business Development, Corporate Communications, Public Relations etc. have already been mentioned above. He has been associated with some of the top names in Indian industry like Reliance, Essar, Arvind Mills, Positra Special Economic zone etc. in senior and top management positions
During his work tenure, he had either managed or had been associated with business situations listed in the scope of activities.
Work Experience Highlights

                                        Total Duration


28 Years; 18 years in Private sector &10 years in Public sector



Most prestigious in India

bullet Gujarat Positra Port Infrastructure Ltd.
bullet Reliance Industries Ltd.
bullet Essar Group
bullet The Arvind Mills Limited.
bullet Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd.
bullet Guj. Industrial Investment Corp. Ltd.

Last Position Held



Duration of Assignments


New Project Planning
Greenfield Project Mgmt.
Project Monitoring
Business Development
Corporate Communication

      -         2 years
         14 years
         2 years
         4 years
         4 years
         2 years

Nature of Projects


Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Petroleum Refinery, Petrochemicals, Gas, Steel, Power, Ports, Heavy Chemicals, Textiles etc.

Size of Projects


Investment ranging from Rs. 400 crores to over Rs. 10,000 crores (US $80 million to $ 200 million)

CEMCON intends to engage and enroll sufficient number of associates, experts in different fields on need basis to support the  various consultancy assignments. The current list of expert panels is given below :
bullet Corporate Communications Panel

bullet Sushil Bahl -  Professor in Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Corporate       Communications
bullet Vivek V. Shah   -  Communication Consultant, Writer, Corporate Trainer
bullet Vipul Shukla     -  Media Advisor


Please, forward enquiries for services and information to:

Babulal Yadav
Founder & Promoter

CEM Consultants
12,Ratnagiri apartments
Mirambica Road, Naranpura
Ahmedabad – 380013. India.

Telephone : +91-79-7485721
E-mail : consulting@cemanagement.org